James Robertson and Kyle Price started life in South London experiencing much of the same hardships and struggles still faced by many of the capital’s young people today.

Now joint CEOs of Caremore Group, they met in 2015 whilst working as engineers for a small company based in Croydon. After some time, Kyle left the company in search of a new role doing something more fulfilling.

Not long after, James followed his lead with a view of finding a career in which he could really make a difference to society.

“Growing up in South London, Kyle and I know all too well the challenges young people face in ourcapital.  The loss of life through gang culture has a catastrophic impact on young people and their families. Many young people are living in fear of gang violence, suffering from the effects of low income and exposed daily to exploitation. Caremore Group strives to provide a safe place for all young people in our care” – James Robertson, CEO, Caremore Group

After a period of training, Kyle soon found a new role caring for adolescents; and introduced James to new opportunities working with young people in supported housing. 

Over the next year and a half, both young men were able to not only excel in their roles which resulted in gaining valuable industry experience but were able to elevate their position to take on more responsibility and enabled them to further impact the lives of more adolescents who needed help and guidance at an important stage of their lives.

Dealing with dozens of young people every day, as well as social workers and other such officials, proved to be challenging but rewarding and both James and Kyle realised that they had found their calling and wanted to work as a team to bring something beneficial to society.

 “James and I were able to develop genuine relationships with the young people in our care and it soon became apparent that they felt part of a family with us. These youngsters would often arrive with an extensive history on the wrong side of the law, and we made them feel, often for the first time, that they had access to real people that come from a background they could relate to, who genuinely cared about them and their future. ” – Kyle Price, CEO, Caremore Group

Caremore Group is a supported accommodation provider. We offer supported housing for care leavers 16-18 years of age with most of our young people staying on in our post 18 accommodation, where we are able to effectively support them until the age of 25.

We currently offer one 24 hour semi-independent unit in  London with a view to grow our accommodation offering throughout 2019 and beyond.

Our staff are not just some of the best trained and technically capable, they also boast substantial experience in helping young people build confidence in themselves, steer clear of trouble and help make the best decisions and the most of the opportunities available to them in order to create a bright future for themselves.

We currently work with a selection of local authorities and are currently approved providers for the London Borough of Croydon.

"There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.”

Nelson Mandela