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Lest we forget 2019: by Councillor Patsy Cummings, All Heads Recognized and the JAGs Foundation

Updated: Jun 23, 2019

Lest We Forget London 2019

Last month, we were invited to attend a community meeting with those that have lost loved ones to youth violence in our Capital.

Organised by All Heads, Recognised and the JAGs Foundation it was an honour to meet people working tirelessly to make a difference, as well as councillor Humayun Kabir who supports work of this kind across the borough of Croydon.

At a time when the nation is calling for new measures to tackle an apparent increase in violence, we were truly humbled to be part of this important service.

Sky News recently reported that, "London suffered a particularly bloody 2018, while figures released last week showed police-recorded violent crime had risen by nearly a fifth in England and Wales." - something we all need to take note of in a bid to safeguard our young people.

Caremore Group naturally take an interest in ongoing news reports relating to matters such as these, and hope that the work we continue to do, can play some part in helping individuals, as well as our communities.

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